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8-July-2017 環球極光之旅

匿名  發表於 2017-8-2 05:03:59
However, on Monday they were reduced to one trip for the day with some not being able to make any as the commuter decided to take advantage of the cheaper and faster water taxi service provided by the MV Nicholas and MV Shanit across the Berbice River.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-2 08:16:37
Kaieteur News published articles where financial analysts had said that if the two modules responsible for Purchasing, and Inventory/Asset, were in operation, then it would be easy to trace assets.
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To add insult to injury, the former government had agreed to pay Dax for specific emergency maintenance.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-2 16:41:31
A review of those guidelines will be done in an effort to give advice on issues relating to the said guidelines,” the GNBA said.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-2 21:03:14
Nagamootoo said he has seen wires and cables unsightedly bunched at NCN with several damaged vehicles found stored in the compound last year.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-3 01:32:54
”The Chairman said that the Board has given itself a timeline.
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“I want the nation to pay attention to what is taking place.
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The maintenance contract is for the rehabilitation of the Brazil to Guyana fibre optic cable.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-3 12:55:39
This was confirmed by Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) representative, Roger Hernandez, following an extensive meeting.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-3 17:15:25
5M radio licence fee to be reviewed – GNBA ChairmanBy Abena RockcliffeWhether the Board will agree is another matter, but for Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) the 2011 distribution of radio licenses and the annual licensing fee that poses as a burden to most broadcasters are two things that need urgent review.
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