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8-July-2017 環球極光之旅

匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 02:06:13
Government recently announced that it has moved buy out the shares of Demerara Distillers Limited in the bridge company.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 05:38:12
April 16, 2015Fibre optic cable saga…Arrangements finally in place to get project back on stream – Dr.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 09:17:10
As a result of this high price, many can’t afford to go given what the pensioner was entitled to, which was $13,000.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 13:27:05
Government has been communicating with officials of the bridge but no decision has yet been taken on the reduction of tolls, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, told media operatives yesterday.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 17:44:56
Fifteen -year-old Theresa and 12-year-old Feresa Rozario were said to have been burnt beyond recognition when they were trapped in the early morning inferno that also left their father, Hilrod Randolph Thomas, nursing second and third degree burns at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. .
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-4 21:42:16
The Heads made known their official position in a communiqué issued at the close of the confab held in Antigua.
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-5 02:07:55
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匿名  發表於 2017-8-5 05:53:56
The coalition government, in the lead up to the May 11, 2015 elections, had accused the previous administration of hijacking the Berbice Bridge Company Inc.
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